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French press/ Cafetiere - Step by step brewing guide

The French press, also commonly known as Cafetiere or pot press, is a heat proof pot with a fine wire filter which is part of the plunging system attached to its lid. Freshly ground coffee are added together into the pot and are left to brew, after which they are separated by plunging the filter slowly. The grounds should remain at the bottom of the pot, allowing you to pour the coffee into a cup or mug. The french press allows you to brew enough for a few cups at any one time, this coupled with the slower brewing time allows you to get on with other things while you wait...    How to brew! What you will need; Liberty...

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Aeropress- Step by step brew guide

The Aeropress is a single cup brewing system designed by Alan Alder. It will produce and excellent cup of coffee with little to no clean-up at home, while travelling or at the office. The Aeropress design resembles that of a hypodermic needle and works very much in the same way by using a plunder to force water through the coffee (also similar to the french press). the pressure generated during the plunge is similar to that of and espresso machine and therefore is somewhat a hybrid of brewing methods. How to brew! What you will need Liberty coffee (whole-beans or Filter ground), Kettle, Aeropress, Aeropress filter papers, scales, timer (phone is nice and easy), mug or cup 1. Turn on...

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