We believe that there should be no losers in the coffee chain.

We take pride in our approach to sourcing specialty grade green coffee from countries of origin based on the principles of direct trade, quality and seasonality. We ensure the coffees we serve are as fresh and seasonal as possible to showcase the wonderful diversity of flavours and aromas found in different coffees around the world.

Especially the farmers at the source and their staff.
Without a range of well-managed, sustainable coffee farms to work closely with,
there really is no future in coffee – not for the farmer, the miller, exporters and importers, cuppers, roasters and ultimately the consumer.
Whilst it might be seen that the future of coffee lies in the hands of the farmer,
we recognise that we also have an important role to play and believe that we must
have a positive impact, both socially and environmentally, wherever we work and trade.

To be truly sustainable we must pay fair prices for our coffee.
We encourage the farms we work with to take pride in their crop and constantly work on improving quality, to bring about better cup profiles and beautiful coffee.
This is by means of ensuring that land is farmed in a way that respects the environment for future generations to continue their family traditions.

In addition to our focus on direct trade and seasonality, we have a strong focus on quality. Higher quality means a better price for the farmer so it is very important that we continue to work with the producers that consistently supply us with high scoring coffees. This helps them secure a higher price which is often 4 - 5 times higher than the Fairtrade minimum.

We firmly believe that one size doesn’t fit all.
A system of price protection and land management for smallholder farmers in Africa might not yield the right results for an estate owner in South America.
We are therefore we are always open to different approaches to achieving optimum sustainability per origin.

We work closely alongside our specialty coffee partner Falcon Coffee and together we strive for a sustainable future in the coffee industry.

It doesn't Stop there!

We source our Hot chocolate from West African countries, working seasonally making sure that the best cocoa beans are used. Our support of the Cocoa industry in West Africa is to help redevelop the once thriving cocoa industry that was near decimated around 2013. This helps provide the farmers and producers with a living income.

Our Retail boxes, we source from Europe, keeping the carbon foot print as low as possible, we ensure that the materials used are completely biodegradable and compostable. All of the cardboard used is sourced responsibly from managed forests and mills. To ensure that we are not contributing to deforestation we plant more trees than are used in the production of our boxes as we know how important the trees are to our Ecosystem. 

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