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If you've made it this far we think you might be interested in considering using Liberty Coffee in your Hotel, Cafe or Restaurant & thats great!


We are dedicated to providing delicious coffee to all our retail customers & our wholesale is no different. Since we have owned a Coffee bar, we know just how important it is to please our potential clients by providing a tasty, reliable & memorable experience.


Correctly preparing espresso coffee is fundamental to your business. We will ensure that your staff are trained and proficient in all modern barista techniques. This, in turn, will help grow your customer base and keep them coming back for more.


La Spaziale Espresso Coffee Machines

La Spaziale S9

 The Best Value For Money: Espresso Machines In The UK

La Spaziale draws on 65 years of experience to bring quality espresso machines to the market. Unique cutting edge technology paired with Italian handmade beauty, La Spaziale’s unrivaled range of espresso machines cover all requirements and budgets. 


Victoria Arduino

Victoria Arduino, with over 100 years experience in building Espresso machines that don't compromise Quality, Materials or Performance and ultimately have redefined the perimeters of the modern espresso machine its no wonder they're the 2015 - 2017 World Barista championship partner with the VA388 Black Eagle and therefore used by the Worlds best Baristas.


We are able to provide your establishment with a variety of professional commercial espresso coffee machines and grinders.  We can advise and help you in choosing the right machine for your requirements.


Your Espresso machine is vital for your business, and that's why we can provide, servicing, maintenance & advice for all of your equipment.  


We believe that every business has different requirements, so please drop us an email, so we can see how we can help benefit your business. // or by writing to, alternatively leave your details below and we will get in touch.

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