Aeropress- Step by step brew guide

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The Aeropress is a single cup brewing system designed by Alan Alder. It will produce and excellent cup of coffee with little to no clean-up at home, while travelling or at the office. The Aeropress design resembles that of a hypodermic needle and works very much in the same way by using a plunder to force water through the coffee (also similar to the french press). the pressure generated during the plunge is similar to that of and espresso machine and therefore is somewhat a hybrid of brewing methods.

How to brew!

What you will need

Liberty coffee (whole-beans or Filter ground), Kettle, Aeropress, Aeropress filter papers, scales, timer (phone is nice and easy), mug or cup

1. Turn on the kettle to boil water

2. Warm both the mug/cup and Aeropress by pouring water through it the filter paper inside the screw-cap. The purpose of this is to maintain the heat of the final brew but to also remove and bad tastes that might be caused by the paper itself as this will spoil the taste of your beautiful coffee.

3. Place the black cap with filter and screw it together with the bottom section of the brewer (piece with the hexagonal shape).

4. using a scale measure 28g of whole-bean coffee and grind to medium- fine or some of our pre-ground filter grind coffee and put the ground coffee into the Aeropress, placed on top of a mug. If you don't have much of a steady hand you can use a funnel to make it easier.

5. place the mug and Aeropress on the scales and 'tare' the weight to zero. start the timer and start pouring the water into the Aeropress (make sure you have left the kettle for about 30 seconds after it has boiled otherwise you can burn the coffee) until the scales read 280g.

6. stir the coffee gently for around 10 seconds then insert into the top part of the brewer while carefully moving the mug off the scales without spilling any hot water onto yourself.

7. wait around a minute for the coffee to extract into the water and then remover the top and stir gently, the replace the top piece.

8. once the timer reads 1min 45 secs remove the top and stir it one more time, replace the top again and plunge as slow as you can (you will need some elbow grease for this part). The brew will push through the filter paper into the mug, be sure not to push too hard at the end though.

9. Top up with water if you want a slightly longer/ thinner coffee.

10. leave the Aeropress to cool before you unscrew the cap to push the hockey puck of coffee (remains) and the filter into the bin or the recycling bin.

11.  Enjoy your brew and leave a review because we want to know how it was for you!

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