French press/ Cafetiere - Step by step brewing guide

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The French press, also commonly known as Cafetiere or pot press, is a heat proof pot with a fine wire filter which is part of the plunging system attached to its lid. Freshly ground coffee are added together into the pot and are left to brew, after which they are separated by plunging the filter slowly. The grounds should remain at the bottom of the pot, allowing you to pour the coffee into a cup or mug. The french press allows you to brew enough for a few cups at any one time, this coupled with the slower brewing time allows you to get on with other things while you wait... 


How to brew!

What you will need;

Liberty coffee (whole beans/ Cafetiere ground), grinder (for whole beans), kettle, french press, cup/mug,


1. Boil the water in the kettle.

2. While waiting for the kettle to boil, grind or prepare some of your freshly roasted Liberty coffee (if grinding make sure its to a course setting, or sand like) we recommend 1 spoon (7g as supplied in La cafetieres products) per 'cup'. so in a 3 cup you would put 3 spoons. (at the end of the day coffee is highly subjective, if you try this recipe and you didn't like it, add or remove coffee to your taste as these are guidelines).

3. Pour some hot water from the kettle into the french press to warm it up, put the lid on and plunge, swirl the hot water around this will both clean / remove old coffee grounds from the filter and warm up the beaker which will help maintain the temperature throughout the brew.

4. Remove the lid and empty the water. Now add the coffee grounds to the pot. 

5. Fill the pot with boiling water.

6. Stir the water and coffee together slowly to maximise surface area contact.

7. Sit the lid on top of the pot (DO NOT PLUNGE YET) this will reduce heat loss during brewing.

8. Let the coffee brew for 2-4 minutes, no longer no less, just bear in mind a longer extraction will result in a stronger tasting coffee.

9. Slowly press the plunger down to the bottom of the pot.

10. Pour the coffee into cups, (we recommend you preheat them with some hot water to maintain the flavour) or decant into a warmed vessel such as a Chemex. its important that you don't leave the coffee in the pot as it will continue to extract and this will ruin the taste of the drink.

11. Pull the plunger up so it isn't resting on the oily ground coffee, this will make the clean up easier.

Now enjoy your brew and leave a review!

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