Camomile & Vanilla x 100 Pyramid Teabags

Camomile & Vanilla x 100 Pyramid Teabags

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This chamomile is slightly out of the ordinary but very unique, it took us quite some time to nail down the perfect flavour but we achieved it! we wanted to bring a different type of chamomile brew to the table, usually they are fairly earthy and uninteresting, this however is not, by varying the cut of the chamomile and the addition of the fennel and liquorice we have crafted a beautiful brew that bring the distinct and delicate taste of the chamomile flower up front rounded off with a sweet aftertaste designed to linger on the back of the tongue.

All our teabags are made from 100% Biodegradable material  

The Perfect Brew- 90°c Water with a 3 - 5 minute brew time


Egypt, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary, China, Germany


Fennel & chamomile and sweet vanilla back notes 

Leaf appearance:

Mixture of dried plant parts

Liquor appearance:

Pale Yellow/ Yellowish


Contains Liquorice – people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption

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