Private Label

Liberty Coffee Co
Here at Liberty Coffee,
our delicious coffee can be packaged in bags and pouches that prominently display your name and company logo.
Offer something different for your customers. We have a wide variety of Coffee, including the worlds most expensive Kopi Luwak & Jamaican Blue Mountain, and even flavoured coffees!
For a bespoke customized approach, our team of roasters will work with you to create a blend to match your budget and customers' palettes. Selling your own labelled coffee bags is easier than you might have thought.
Pick your packaging style and select the weight quantity you would like.
Our coffee freshly roasted in the UK, will then be securely delivered in your own custom label bags.

Personalized with your Logo
Stand out from the crowd and proudly sell the same great coffee your customers know and love. Your branding and logo will adorn the coffee packaging, adding a professional image thats sure to distinguish your hot drinks establishment from the local competition.

Whole Beans & Grounded Coffee
With a choice of whole bean, Filter, Cafetiere, V60, Espresso. All your customers coffee making habits are catered for.

Packaged to Maximize Freshness & Taste
Our packaging ensures that the beans or grounded coffee maintains its taste and aroma, maximizing the sell by date.

Hand Roasted & Packaged in the UK

We only sell quality coffee and with our expert roasting techniques and wide variety of options, we are sure we can find the correct coffee for your brand!
All our coffee bags and pouches are packaged and delivered via Couriers in  2 - 3 business days from order date.
With no minimum order quantities, selling your own label coffee pouches is now a possibility for businesses of all sizes.
Larger order quantities benefit from reduced unit costs, ideal for coffee houses, cafes and shops with multiple locations or those that sell online.

Improve Customer Loyalty
With your retail coffee bags, you’re not only providing your customers delicious coffee in your shop, you’re looking after their coffee needs at home. In doing so they’ll develop a stronger affinity for the taste of your coffee, making them less likely to visit other other local branded and independent establishments.

Additional Revenue Source
With retail prices in the region of £5 upwards per bag, selling your own branded coffee helps you to achieve a greater turnover through diversifying revenue streams.

Increase Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness for your business is crucial. If your customers love your coffee and take it into their own home through purchasing your coffee bags there is a good chance their friends and family will be exposed to your delicious coffee too. This can only have a positive effect on your business as the added physical and word of mouth marketing gained from your customers helps to drive more people into your shop.

They Cant Get It Anywhere Else
Your customers can't go direct to the roaster to get your coffee, because you are essentially the roaster!, so if they want it... they have to buy it from you!



What size coffee bags/pouches do you have?
We provide a variety of sizes, 200g, 227g, 250g, 450g, 500g, 1kg.. it all depends on you!

Do you offer coffee bags with valves?

Yes, with valve bags are available with one –way degassing valves. Valves are beneficial when packaging freshly roasted coffee. Our valves vent CO2 gas build-up while sealing-out environmental oxygen, moisture, and contaminants. The valve will not impact on the design of your logo.

How long does delivery take?
Coffee bags printed with your logo are delivered within 2 -3 working days from order. (subject to order quantity)

How do I add my logo/label to the coffee bag?
All you have to do is send us your stickers with your logo, and we will do the rest! 

Drop us an email to see how we can help your business grow! // or by writing to:

Liberty Coffee Co
Customer Services Department
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Pearlgate House
107 Mayes Road
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