El Jefe SCA 85.5

El Jefe SCA 85.5

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Size 250g
Grind Wholebeans

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Country: Ethiopia, Colombia & Rwanda
Altitude: 700 - 2800 masl
Varieties: Mixed Heirloom
Process: Washed, Natural
Flavour Profile: Strawberry, Maple Syrup & Pomegranate
Translates from Spanish meaning "The Boss"
Think of this espresso as your very own Summer Fruits & Berry Cocktail.

By far one of our fastest selling coffees to date, you can't get enough of it!
Our new seasonal origins are our carefully calculated mix of Colombian, Ethiopian & Rwandan coffees.

El Jefe promises to deliver bright delicate sweet berry notes.
A distinct Strawberry & maple syrup sweetness to the body.
It really is a truly decedent espresso equally as special through milk.

Our Unique flavour profile of Strawberry, Maple Syrup & Pomegranate is achieved through our seasonal rotation of the freshest crop coffees.

Each Origin selected for this blend has been meticulously cupped, roasted and tested by us several times over, before it makes it's way over to your establishment.

A careful and methodical approach ensures that with each new crop rotated with our blend, consistency and quality never be compromised.
The sourcing for this blend focus on seasonal harvests from Central America, South America & Africa.