Kona Hawaii
Kona Hawaii

Kona Hawaii

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Country of Origin - Hawaii
Region - Ka'u
100% Arabica
Process - Washed
Roast strength - 3/4
Flavour notes - Sugar cane, Caramel, Black pepper


Kona Coffee is grown on the west coast of Big Island around 1500 feet on the side of the volcano Mauna Loa. 

The rich deep soil, sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons make it ideal for mature coffee trees. Most of the plantations were planted in the early 20th century .

Only the ripe red cherries are picked and the parchment is dried in the sun. It is a very superior  coffee with a mild, smooth taste. 

Its fine body and mild acidity define its excellent quality. Known for its sweet chocolatey aftertaste, it incorporates the atmosphere of the sunshine,the sand and the soft Pacific breezes of Hawaii.