Liberty @ Work

Excellent coffee makes the office a happier place,
Give your team the treat they all deserve!

  • It's a great way to make your staff happy & motivate them.
  • Its Social, making coffee / coffee breaks help your staff talk and share ideas & brainstorm
  • Increased productivity for staff who used to leave the office to get a good coffee.
  • 15 minutes a day to go to a coffee shop is 60 hours per year.
  • Helps seal the deal- When your client arrives, offering them a coffee…
  • A Proper Coffee & a seat helps them feel more at ease and relaxed.
  • No more boiling kettles or steaming cappuccino frothers.



Drop us an email to arrange for us to come and see you! // 
or by writing to:

Liberty Coffee Co 
Customer Services Department
Unit A
Pearlgate House
107 Mayes Road
Wood Green
N22 6UP