3 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Coffee That You Didn't Know!

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3 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Coffee That You Didn't Know!

Coffee, Java, Joe or whatever you call it, everyone can relate to why this is the staple of daily life. which would explain why everyday the UK consumes over 70 million cups of this stuff! However as well as being extremely warm and energizing, Independent research by scientists worldwide continues to link coffee to significant (and surprising) healthful benefits.
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Coffee Has Large Source of Antioxidants 
The naturally fascinating coffee complex profile, with at least 1,000 natural compounds in the bean (including caffeine) and another 300 created in the roasting process. Scientists have linked a number of them, with a host of physiological benefits.
It’s an undeniable fact that our average diet lacks a lot of nutrients and vitamins. The main reasons being our food is no longer as pure as it used to be & therefore we are loosing out on most of the vital vitamins & nutrients. Doctors say that is the reason many people get colds and viruses so often.
So by drinking FRESH Coffee, you are getting an insane amount of antioxidants daily!
Improves Energy & Alertness
The main reason we all have to drink a cup in morning.. Not only is this natural stimulant super tasty, but it helps improve your alertness and mental activity as well!
So next time you’re struggling to focus on that coursework or project at work.. STOP! take a deep breath & go make yourself a FRESH cup of Liberty Coffee, sit down enlighten your taste buds and let your ideas flow!
These characteristics in coffee are associated with caffeine, a naturally occurring stimulant. However the amount of caffeine can fluctuate per cup due to certain factors such as, the type of beans and even how its brewed!
Caffeinated coffee can affect each individuals differently, based on factors such as body weight, gender & metabolism
While coffee is associated with caffeine, nowadays the consumers can choose from a variety of caffeinated and decaffeinated options.
Speeds Up Your Metabolism
There’s a good reason why you will find caffeine in most commercial fat burning supplements. 
Caffeine, partly due to its stimulant effect on the central nervous system, both raises metabolism and increases the oxidation of fatty acids
The caffeine in coffee can be extremely helpful when you are looking to burn fat. Studies have shown that drinking coffee (in moderation) will help speed up your metabolism.
So this means that extra bit of weight you have being trying to cut should start disappearing! However while black coffee is zero calories, avoid counteracting this fantastic drink by adding all those sugars and whipped cream with caramel syrup and chocolate powder! Stick to a home brewed black or white cup of Liberty Coffee & you will be well on your way to seeing those results.
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To Sum it all up
These are just a few reasons as to why you should include coffee in your diet, it promotes lots of health benefits, however everything has to be in moderation.. Too much coffee can lead to jitters / relentlessness, anxiety and can keep you from sleeping.. at the end of the day it all comes down to your caffeine tolerance levels, so if you are sensitive avoid drinking coffee after 2pm. To make the most of the health benefits commonly associated with coffee, avoid adding any artificial substances such as sugar, sweeteners or any syrup.
At the end of the day coffee is one of the healthiest beverages you can drink!

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